May 20

You should read chapters 14 and 15 for tomorrow’s class.

Today we took this: Thing Fall Apart — Part One Quiz

May 16

For Monday:

You should have read this: Shooting an Elephant

And read all of Part One in Things Fall Apart (page 125). There will be a part one quiz Monday.

May 15

You need to be done with chapter 10 for tomorrow.

You need to do these assignments as well: Things Fall Apart with Genesis and Yeats

Read this first: Second Coming and Genesis

May 10

We discussed these notes: Things Fall Apart Ch 3 and 4

You must be through chapter 6 for Tuesday and have this quiz done: Things Fall Apart Quiz through chapter 6

I meant to hand out this syllabus but forgot: Things Fall Syllabus

May 06

Catch-up day and time to work on your speeches.

Mourning Becomes Elektra starts Wednesday

Apr 29

Today we discussed chapters 13 and 14.

Here are some notes: March Notes Chapter 13 to End

Read chapter 15 for tomorrow

Book should be done for Thursday

Friday is exam day.

Apr 26

Quiz day today.

Read chapters 13 and 14 for Monday.

Read the book!

Apr 24

We went over the two quizzes.

You need to be ready for a quiz that runs from chapter 9 through 12 for Friday. You must be prepared to do the quiz on your own.

Apr 23


For tomorrow: read through chapter 10 of March.

Complete the two quizzes: March Chapter 1-4 Quiz and March Chapter 5-8 Quiz

Apr 22

We finished Louder Than a Bomb. Students may borrow it to finish if they wish. Here is the writing assignment that came with it: Louder Than a Bomb Questions

Take home quiz for March (due tomorrow): March Chapter 1-4 Quiz

You will have a quiz (no partners) on chapters 4 to 8 tomorrow.

Honors English 12